Thursday, August 6, 2009

Table of Contents-Sundial: Columbia SDS Memories (1)

For Ted Gold and student activists of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 21st century.


Prologue: Clubbed At Columbia, 1968

Chapter I: At Flushing High School, 1964

Chapter II: At UM & M, 1965

Chapter III: Freshman At Columbia, 1965

Chapter IV: Summer Folk Songwriting, 1966

Chapter V: In Furnald Hall, 1966

Chapter VI: Enter Ted Gold, 1966

Chapter VII: Into Columbia SDS, 1966

Chapter VIII: Discovering IDA, 1967

Chapter IX: Confronting The Marines, 1967

Chapter X: The Viet Nam Summer of Love, 1967

Chapter XI: Ted Gold and Dave Gilbert: Roommates, 1967

Chapter XII: Marge Piercy and The Anti-Rusk Demo, 1967

Chapter XIII: Christmas Vacation with Mark Rudd, 1967

Chapter XIV: Back In Furnald Hall, 1968

Chapter XV: Steering Columbia SDS Into Action, 1968

Chapter XVI: We Shut Down Columbia University, 1968

Chapter XVII: Enter Bernardine Dohrn, 1968

Chapter XVIII: Summer In The Streets, 1968

Chapter XIX: Spreading The Student Revolution, 1968

Chapter XX: Commune On Staten Island, 1969

Chapter XXI: Weatherman Comes To Queens, 1969

Chapter XXII: At United Parcel Service and Queens College, 1969

Chapter XXIII: With Andrea Eagan and Newsreel, 1970

Chapter XXIV: The Explosion at West 11th Street, 1970

Chapter XXV: All Power To My Sisters, 1970

Chapter XXVI: Uncle Sam Don’t Want Me, 1970

Chapter XXVII: The Bronx and Kent State, 1970

Epilogue: Columbia SDS Memories: From Berkeley to Kent State

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